Painted Lampshades

Painted Rawhide Lampshades

​Each hand painted rawhide lampshade is a unique work of art signed by the artist.

Also see our lacing options.

Southwestern Style 

Elk Cave Art
​Elk Cave Art
​Horses Cave Art
​Horses Cave Art
​Buffalo Cave Art
​Buffalo Cave Art
​Buffalo Horse Petroglyph
​Buffalo Hunt
​Acoma Pueblo Birds
​Eagle Feather Medicine Shield
​Flute Players
​Sand Painting
​Longhorn Skulls
​Teepees at Sunset
​Western Border
​Navajo Crosses
Aztec Stripe Border

Americana and Nature

​Trout Border
​Rainbow Trout
​Realistic Moose
​Realistic Elk
​Small Grape Leaf Border
​Large Grape Leaf Border
​Rosebud Leaves


​Longhorns with Barbed Wire
​Longhorn Skulls
​Wild Bronco
​Cow Roundup
​Cowboy on Horse
​Rope Border
​Running Pintos Border
​Galloping Ponies